Pono Pioneer

Take the children on a field trip, allowing them to explore New York City and the surrounding area

This donation level will help cover the cost of the many field trips that are provided for Pono students. Past trips have included the Storm King Art Center, Cradle of Aviation Museum, Dia: Beacon, Brooklyn Research, Okamoto Custom Ice Studio, the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, the National Jazz Museum, Salt Marsh Nature Center, the Children's Museum of the Arts, the New York Transit Museum, and many more. 

Donate $500 and above

Pono Impresario

Support a new or existing program that the children have requested

This donation level supports new and existing programs that the children have requested, including weekly lessons at Westmoreland Sanctuary. Past programs include the Art of History Mentorship, the Pono Chorus, Baking and Chemistry Focus Studies, and more.

Donate $150 - $499

Pono Explorer

Give the experience of working with an inspiring visiting teacher

This donation level supports bringing in visiting teachers to teach engaging lessons, such as parkour, paleontology, geology, music, art, coding, the women's suffrage movement, woodworking, aerial dance, meditation, and more.

Donate $50 - $149

Pono pal

Any amount makes a difference and is greatly appreciated

Donate any amount

Thank you for your support!


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